Mini Dual Dab®

Bingo Event Promo Games are unique games that offer unlimited ways to play. You set the price of the tickets, you decide the prize payout, and you determine your own profit!

Mini Dual Dab is a 4 number ticket with a twist.

A fast playing game that offers double the fun!

Bag & Ticket Numbers

Bag Number Ticket Numbers
#3380 A 001 - 165
#3380 B 166 - 330
#3380 C 331 - 495
3380 D 496 - 660
3380 E 661 - 825
3380 F 826 - 990

2 chances to Win!

If a player has either called number in a square, the square gets marked giving the player 2 chances to win!

Fast Game

Mini Dual Dab is a fast game that’s great for early birds or specials. It can also be played along with a jackpot or special game, letting you offer an extra prize.

6 Deals

Mini Dual Dab comes in 6 deals of 165 tickets that can be played separately or combined when more tickets are needed.

6 Colours

Each set of tickets has a unique serial number and is offered in 6 different tag colours (red, blue, green, orange, purple & black), making it easy for you to play and track Mini Dual Dab several times in a session.