Gimmie A Break

Bingo Event Promo Games are unique games that offer unlimited ways to play. You set the price of the tickets, you decide the prize payout, and you determine your own profit!

No matter what business you're in, feature Gimme a Break promotional tickets on your slow days and watch sales pick up fast!

A flexible game with total control!

We imprint the Gimme A Break tickets with a 9 character imprint of your choice for no extra charge. Each box of Gimme A Break tickets purchased comes with a full coloured card to display the prizes for your promotion.

2 chances to Win!

If a player has either called number in a square, the square gets marked giving the player 2 chances to win!

5 Windows

Gimme A Break is a promotional break-open ticket with 5 windows.


The customer simply breaks open all 5 windows to find out if he or she has a winning combination.

112 Winners

Out of 980 break-open tickets per box there are 112 winners.

Control Cost

You have complete control over the cost of your promotion.


Totally flexible - you determine your own discount and prizes.