California Tic Tac®

Bingo Event Promo Games are unique games that offer unlimited ways to play. You set the price of the tickets, you decide the prize payout, and you determine your own profit!

Combining the fun of Bingo and Tic Tac Toe!

Create extra profits for your game

9 Number Concealed Ticket

California Tic Tac is a 9 number concealed bingo ticket that will create extra profits for your game.

Fast & Fun

With only 9 numbers, California Tic Tac is great for early birds, intermission games, or any time you want a fast and fun game.

You Set the Price

You set the ticket price, pick the game pattern (see the table below for suggestions), and determine your profit. For example: Charge $1.00 per ticket; sell all 150 tickets in the deal; and then play California Tic Tac for a $100. You’ll add an extra $50 to your profits.

6 Colours & 5 Unique Series

Each set of tickets has a unique serial number and is offered in 6 different tag colours (red, blue, green, orange, purple & black), so you can play several times in your session.California Tic Tac is available in 5 unique series that can be played alone or combined.