What are Popp-Opens Pull Tabs?

Keep your players coming back by providing a variety of Popp-Opens Pull Tabs!

Arrow offers the highest quality and largest selection of pull tab tickets in the industry. Pull tabs (also referred to as Break Opens, Nevada Tickets, Instant Bingo, Lucky 7s, Bowl Games, Cherry Bells, and Pickle Cards) are an inexpensive way to provide excitement and generate a profit! While there are many types of pull tabs and ways to play, the basic concept is simple:

  • Players open the perforated windows on the back of the pull tab and match the symbols on the inside of the ticket to the winning combinations on the front of the ticket .
  • Players with tickets containing one (or more) of the winning combinations identified on the front of the ticket win the corresponding prize amount .
Popp-Opens Pull Tabs

To increase the integrity of the pull tab game, Arrow was the first manufacturer to add security features that are now the industry standard. These features include the Cash Pay Out® and Win Guard® protection system

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Popp-Opens are available in a wide variety of unique ticket themes with many different play styles:

Instant Win Games

Pull tabs that pay prizes instantly for winning tickets with matching symbols.

Seal Card Games

Tickets with sign-up numbers that correspond to a seal, giving players a chance to win an additional, larger prize.

Progressive Jackpot Games

A seal card or bingo event game variation that offers a players a chance to win a large, accumulated prize.

Cashboard Games

A seal card game within a game with the enticement of bigger prizes displayed on an oversized cashboard seal card.

Bingo Event Games

A pull tab game played along with a bingo session where prizes are determined by the draw of a bingo ball.