What are Progressive Jackpot Games?

Arrow has developed new variations of seal card and bingo event games that include a progressive component to offer larger prizes and to add a new level of winning and excitement for your players!

With progressive seal card or bingo event games, a portion of the total value of prizes is set aside for a prize that accumulates until it is won, increasing with every deal.

All progressive jackpot games must have an exit strategy that guarantees that the progressive jackpot will be won at some point. Common exit strategies include: › when the jackpot prize reaches a specific dollar amount, a specific day of the week or month, or a specific number of games played.

In the above 2,040 count Winner Winner seal card game, tickets are sold for 50¢. In addition to instant win tickets, there are 24 sign-up hold tickets (or ball holders if playing an event game).

The player holding the sign-up hold ticket with the number that is revealed under the seal card (here it is 1213) wins $200 and gets to choose one of the eight windows on the seal card for a chance to win the accumulated progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot starts at $200 and will continue to grow and accumulate by $200 for each ticket deal sold where there is no winner.